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The North Face 2-Meter Dome - 8 Person Tent is an eight person expedition tent for base camp. The spacious floor Area of 125 squAre feet allows for plenty of room for eating, sleeping, rest, and even sing-a-longs. The interior height reaches 81 inches at the peak, making standing a little easier, and cutting down on the neck cramps. Sorry really tall guy, the hemisphere shape can only do so much. The tent has a couple exterior windows, just in case you want to check the outside conditions without actually leaving, and a chimney vent keeps the temperature regulated (and cuts down on condensation). Extreme conditions call for an extreme tent. Features of The North Face 2-Meter Dome - 8 Person Tent Hemispherical shape demonstrates the original geodesic dome principle developed by Buckminster Fuller Easton 7075-T9 aluminum poles Pole configuration creates steep walls and maximum user space Two exterior windows and a chimney vent Interior canopy hang loops Dual doors Summit Series collection

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