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It's taken a while, but you've finally found the perfect motorcycle gang for you. You got tired of all the dry cleaning bills caused by the Grease Monkeys, and the color scheme favored by the Primrose Pedals did not look good with your ruddy complexion. But then you found the Sprocket Rockets. They're just right-they don't expect you to tear your bike apart before every ride, and black leather is so slimming! There's only one problem... They love tattoos. Every other gang member is covered in them. But you kind of have a fear of needles, and of pain, and of permanently etching something onto your skin. What can you do? You're desperate to join the gang! Here's a savvy solution: the Tough Guy Tattoo Sleeve. It comes with two sleeves featuring printed tattoos like the sun, moon, flames, skulls and more. Slip it over your arm, and everyone will think you're as tough as the baddest biker around.

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