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Diamond Files offer the special option of having the cutting ability of a file and the deburring and polishing ability of a stone all in one tool. The Diamond Files are perfect to carry in the pocket for quick removal of the fine burrs created on the edge when skiing or riding on aggressive man-made snow. Swix Diamond stones have taken the technology one step further. The diamond fabric has been adhered to the flat, true aluminum piece to assure that there is no pressure rollover when sharpening side and base bevels. This special diamond cluster pattern will last longer than conventional diamond strips. The configuration in conjunction with a polishing agent will help in moving the excess material from the edge to leave a clean, smooth mirror finish. New diamond stone pattern gives excellent cutting and polishing ability. Offered in a 100 mm length in three grits. True value to keep your skis flying down the mountain. Many of us keep these in our pockets on the hill just in case it's one of those days and the edges need that little extra love. Features: Red Economy - Coarse Yellow Economy - Medium Grey Economy - Fine

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