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You can't fix your brain like you can a broken bone, so it's best to keep it in one piece with the Sweet Protection Igniter Helmet. The Igniter's calling card is its weight, which is just barely over a pound, but it also offers top-shelf protection, with a Superlight ABS thermoplastic shell, EPS impact foam, and Sweet Protection's force-dispersing Impact Shields. Even better, Sweet Protection designed it with MIPS (multidirectional impact protection system), which actually lets the outer and inner shells rotate over each other to better observe rotational forces and oblique impacts, which are far more common than straight-on crashes. None of that would be any good without the OcciGrip fit adjustment system that keeps the Igniter glued to your noggin, though, or the removable fit pads that you can slip in and out to cushion that weird-shaped part of your head. The Igniter's not just comfy, but cool, with front vents that slide quickly open and closed and a series of passive vents that regulate temperature without allowing weather in. Sweet Protection topped this lid off with a moisture-wicking Coolmax liner and gave it removable earpads that let you customize the look and the feel of your hat. Features: Superlight ABS thermoplastic shell MIPS: Multi-directional Impact Protection System EPS impact foam with Impact Shields OcciGrip fit adjustment Removable fit pads Adjustable front vents and additional passive vents Coolmax liner Removable earpads

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