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Self-supported centuries are quiet the endeavor to take on, but the Sugoi RS Century Zap Jersey is built to offer you as much help as a jersey possibly can bring. It does so by maxing out storage pockets, and opting for a fit that's a little more comfortable when you're spending the whole day in the saddle, paired with moisture wicking fabrics crafted to keep you cool and comfortable from the starting line to mile ninety-nine. The aesthetic on the RS Century Zap is simple and clean, opting to skip distracting stripes and patterns, and instead go for a classic that stays bold through the whole ride. Its constructed from an intelligent mix of Dry Lock and IceFil fabrics that wicks moisture, dries quickly, and cools your skin when things start to get too hot. Plus, this jersey's sun-protection rating of UPF 50+ brings a reliable layer of defense against harmful UV rays.

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