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The Stan's NoTubes Arch MK3 27. 5in Wheelset brings bombproof functionality to technical, aggressive trails. It borrows the light profile of Stan's XC speed demon Crest and the burly internal arch design of the gravity-focused Flow to step in as a versatile wheelset that's ready to tackle almost any terrain. Compared to its predecessors, the Arch MK3 clocks in even wider, lighter, and more durable than ever. The MK3's internal rim width puffs out from the EX's 21mm to a wide 26mm platform built to pair with tire ranging from 2. 25 inches to 2. 5 inches in width. As expected with any Stan's wheelset, the Arch MK3 incorporates Stan's Bead Socket Technology (BST), whose notably low-profile sidewalls allow the tire bead to seat more effectively with less of the tire trapped behind the rim. This leads to a heap of benefits compared to standard rims that constrict tires with their higher sidewalls. The tubeless seal is more secure, and the tire can hold greater air volume, which allows the tire to maintain its full shape for a wider, more stable rolling platform compared to the same tire mounted on a standard rim. BST already makes the tire feel plusher, but running the tire tubeless allows for a 30% reduction in PSI. That makes for even better handling, more solid cornering, and a more forgiving ride. These rims are also compatible with standard tubes, with the lower sidewall drastically reducing pinch-flat risk by reducing the amount of material present for the tube to pinch against. This means less time bunkered down in the dust wrestling with flats and more time shredding your favorite loops. The Arch MK3 rims are laced to Stan's new Neo hubs, which feature oversized, smooth-spinning bearings that glide on a strong, stiff, swaged axle. The Neo holds the bearings at a wider stance for a claimed threefold increase in strength compared to standard hub designs, and it utilizes four precision pawls that simultaneously bite into a forged-steel 36t ratchet ring for sna...

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