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Sram XX1 Type 2.1 11 Speed Rear Derailleur Never settling, Sram continues to refine their 1X drivetrain components. The newest incarnation of the Sram XX1 Type 2.1 11 Speed derailleur includes some minor tweaks that dial in the system just a hair more, inching it closer to the edge of perfection. A new silent 12T X-Synch pulley tooth design reduces noise, engages the chain quicker, and works in conjunction with the front chaining for superior chain retention. Cage Lock is another 2.1 technology. No more wrestling with a rear derailleur during a trailside flat repair. Simply swing the cage forward, creating a slack chain, then lock it in place. The rear wheel now has unobstructed access to the dropouts. The Roller Bearing Clutch prevents the chainstay from looking like a chewed up pencil by practically eliminating chain slap and derailleur bounce. This also gives the drive train incredible stability through even in the most grueling terrain. XX1 Type 2.1 rear derailleurs continue to utilize the proven X-Horizon horizontal parallelogram and pulley offset design. Together these limit cage movement to a side-to-side motion, and not an up-and-down one and maintain a consistent chain gap to the cassette. This exercises the dreaded ghost shift, banishing it to poor-shifting purgatory, never to be seen again. The Sram XX1 Type 2.1 11 speed rear derailleur is only compatible with the XX1 shifter and cassette. Features: Large upper pulley offset automatically adjusts chain gap X-Horizon design reduces shift force and ghost shifting Roller Bearing Clutch eliminates chain slap and derailleur bounce Cage Lock for easy wheel removal New silent pulley tooth design X-Actuation keeps shifting sharp and consistent 12-tooth X-Synch pulley wheels offer quicker chain engagement Specifications: Color: Black Speeds: 11 Speed Weight: 220g Compatibility: X-Actuation, XX1 11 Speed | SRAM XX1 Type 2.1 11SP Rear Derailleur Black/Red, 11 Speed, X-Actuation

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