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The Smith Women's Allure MIPS Snow Helmet is a lightweight Snow helmet specifically designed for women that Are looking for a sleek helmet that doesn't skimp on Features just for the sake of looking good. Climate control, fixed vents and AirEvac(TM) ventilation helps keep you cool as you get moving. The low profile design Features a self-adjusting lifestyle Fit system and removable goggle lock to keep you secure, with added comfort in the form of a fuzzy lining and SnapFit SL2 earpads. MIPSA(R) Technology, however, is what takes this helmet to the next level. It adds protection in case of impact, keeping your noggin safe from dangerous rotational forces. Features of the Smith Women's Allure MIPS Snow Helmet Lightweight in-mold construction pairs a thin, hard plastic outer shell with an EPS foam liner to absorb shock Rotational motion can cause brain injuries with MIPS, a low-friction layer slides 10 to 15mm in all directions Reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact AirEvac Technology lets air flow to pull warm, fog-causing air out of your goggles warm air exhausts out the top of your goggles Adjustable Airflow climate control with 9 vents allows you to get the amount of airflow that's right for you Self-adjusting Lifestyle Fit system flexes around your head and provides a precise, secure Fit Compatible with Outdoor Tech audio systems

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