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Ambition of Slytherin Slytherin students are known for their ambition. In the Harry Potter books, they spend all of their time and energy trying to reach a prestigious position within the wizarding world. They're cooking up schemes, crafting new, dangerous spells, and sometimes they're even vying for a spot as the world's next evil wizard. They don't have time to waste putting on twenty different pieces of clothing to meet Hogwarts' ridiculous wardrobe requirements. That's why some of the more ingenious students have found a way to cheat the systema | Instead of wearing a dress shirt, a tie, a jacket, and a robe, they've crafted a single-piece garment that looks like the Hogwarts uniform. While, not technically within dress code, most professors will never be able to tell that you're not wearing the full garb of a student. Product Details This Harry Potter Slytherin Union Suit is a jumpsuit that helps you look ready for a day of classes at Hogwarts. It's made out of a soft material that's comfortable enough to take a nap in, but it has all of the details of a Hogwarts uniform on the front. It has a printed tie, a collar, a printed jacket with green accents, and even a Slytherin emblem in the front. The union suit also has a hood on top, so inquiring professors will think that you're fully dressed for class, even when you're essentially wearing pajamas! A Real Time Saver You'll be wasting far less time getting ready for potions class when you wear this Slytherin union suit! What you do with the time saved will be completely up to you. You can sleep in for a few extra hours in the morning or you can use that extra time to plot your meteoric rise to power in the wizarding world!

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