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Buy It Now! | Slash Snowboards > It's landing in that pocket on a perfect hip. Locking in to a rail so solid you don't need to readjust even a nose hair. A slowly rotating frontside 3 right to the sweet spot. The Slash Happy Place Snowboard will take you there. A true twin freestyle board, with a mellow flex pattern and lightweight core, this is a park board anyone can enjoy. With a CamRock profile and plenty of pop, it's got enough stability to stomp landings no matter which direction you happen to be riding. Put on your headphones, crank whatever music gets you going (Martian trance), and find that happy place. Sintered Base 7000 This sintered base is fast, durable and requires less waxing. Slash believes in using the best possible materials and refrain from using cheaper, low-density extruded material our boards. Pop Woodcore Built with poplar and bolstered with beech and spruce stringers. Beech hardwood strips are laid through the inserts from tip to tail for power transfer and a sturdy frame. The spruce from tip to tail just outside the inserts adds increased pop and precision. Flex Rating 4 / 10 2x4 Insert Pack Twin | Slash Happy Place Snowboard 2020

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