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A QUIET AND COMFORTABLE DEFENSE AGAINST BAD WEATHER - THE SIMMS GUIDE JACKET. With this jacket, you won't have to worry about noisy movement scaring away all the fish. The Simms Guide Jacket features soft and supple three-layer Gore-Tex fabric, providing waterproof and breathable protection while allowing you to move with full freedom. The hood is adjustable, ensuring it stays in place through wind and rain storms, and the water-tight Shingle Cuffs keep you dry as you retrieve your hooks. You'll love the extensive storage space provided by the plethora of pockets. FEATURESLightweight jacket for fly fishing in inclement weatherWaterproof Gore-Tex seals out moisture and is breathableAdjustable hood holds tight in wind and rainShingle Cuffs seal out splashing waterLarge back pocket holds gear or snacks

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