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Silca pumps are widely known for their meticulous construction, and the brand's range of tools and other cycling accessories have been made with the same attention to longevity since the firm was created in Italy in the early 1900's. When the now US-based company noticed a gap in the market for tubeless valve offerings, it set out to create something that would fall in-between the clunky brass options and lighter, less reliable aluminum offerings. The Tubeless Valve Kit with Speed Shield does this, blending brass and aluminum in a more complex machining process to achieve a blend of high strength and low weight. Machining each valve stem allows it to fine-tune the valve stem's shape, freeing up internal space for improved airflow and a better interaction with sealant. The Speed Shield rim protectors included with this kit were inspired by the knowledge that valve stems can subtly inhibit aerodynamic efficiency. Silca created its Speed Shield to both protect your rims and save you fractions of a watt. Nothing dramatic, sure, but fractions do have a tendency to add up over time.

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