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Sidi refined all of its cycling shoe technology and condensed it into the Men's Level Carbon Shoes. With an adjustable fit that lets you dial in the perfect shape for your foot, the Level Carbons are durable, stiff, and high-performing lightweight shoes you can afford without a sponsor. Sidi engineers used their proven ratcheting buckle to keep the Level Carbons in place on your feet. The ratchets' micro-adjustability let you change the strap pressure to find your best fit. Ready to race or ride a century, the Millennium 4 Carbon Composite outsoles are nylon matrix shot through with carbon fiber that resists warping from humidity, heat, and age. All the fastening hardware on the shoes is replaceable, so a lost buckle in a crash won't mean a new pair of shoes. The Level Carbons use synthetic material for water-repellant, quick-drying, and highly breathable uppers that are abrasion- and mildew-resistant. These shoes are designed to stay the same shape over time--resisting the undesirable stretching and warping you'll get with lesser quality shoes.

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