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We'd be lying if we said we weren't ecstatic when Shimano finally launched its own 12-speed drivetrain. Now, we didn't have a problem with the other offerings in the market, but we're believers that a little competition does a lot of good in the industry, and it's easy to see with Shimano's XTR CN-M9100 12 Speed Chain. This sleek chain is built specifically to pair up with Shimano's 12-speed drivetrain, with exceptional chain retention thanks to its extended machining on the end of the inner plate that firmly holds both your front chainring, and your cassette. It features Shimano's SIL-TEC technology on the rollers and pin link plate for silky smooth control, whether you're out of the saddle and mashing up a climb, or doing some quick-shifting to up your power output as you book it into your descent. The new XTR CN-M9100 Chain features directional, hyperglide+ technology, and must be paired up with Shimano's micro-spline cassettes. Hyperglide+ on the chain pairs up with guide ramps on both sides of the cassette, and is capable of engaging with two cogs at the same time during down shifts and upshifts, for smoother transitions, that Shimano claims can drop upshift speed by two thirds compared to before Hyperglide+.

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