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Bringing your braking system into what we like to think of as the golden age is Shimano's newest iteration of its classic trail brake -- the XTR BR-M9120 Disc Brake Caliper. This high-power, stop-you-in-your-tracks caliper is built for getting rowdy on the steeps, pushing yourself down gnarly lines, and stopping on a dime when you come across a moose in the trail. That's because of its beefy 4-piston construction, and heat dissipating IceTec pads that keep your rotors feeling cool and fresh, even when you've got to do more braking than normal, on steeper sections of trail. To start the calipers off strong. Shimano employs some similar technology from previous generations, including titanium hardware, and a one-piece aluminum caliper design that is lighter, and better at heat distribution. It utilizes a mounting bolt that increases stiffness and power, to improve speed and reliability in your braking. The XTR M9120 Brakes feature Ice Tech radiator pads and insulated pistons that continue Shimano's prowess in heat dissipation, aiming to all but eliminate heat as an issue on long, steep descents that require more braking than normal. Compared to M9000, the new M9120 features quicker brake pad engagement for faster response when you need it, and a claimed 10% improvement in braking power over the M9020 of years past. You may be wondering where the M9120 falls in comparison to the equally new and shiny M9100. While the M9100 may shed grams above the M9120, you'll find that it lacks the adjustability, and some of the stopping power. The M9120 uses two more pistons in the calipers making it more ideal for enduro and trail shredding, while the M9100's minimalist approach slides it to the ideal spot for racing cross country and marathon. That's because 9100 skips the bells and whistles, like Servo Wave adjustment, and free stroke adjust, opting for a more minimalist, but featherweight application. The Shimano XTR M9120 Brake Calipers come individually, so please order b...

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