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Shimano XTR BR-M9000 Race Disc Brake Being able to comfortably descend fast and technical terrain requires complete confidence in your equipment. At high speeds, nothing instills more confidence than knowing your brakes are ready and able to deliver unparalleled control and reliability in any situation. Shimano XTR brakes are arguably the best performing hydraulic disc brakes on the market, offered in two flavors: Race and Trail. The Race model is Shimano's lightest hydraulic brake ever, a minimalist, lightweight version with a magnesium caliper and master cylinder. The Trail model offers a bit more adjustability with a minor weight penalty. To provide high-powered braking performance with no compromise, Shimano introduces the new wave of XTR Race M9000 hydraulic disc brakes. The caliper and master cylinder are constructed of magnesium while the lever is made of carbon to provide XTR braking performance in a lightweight, race-ready package. Shimano was the first in the industry with full ceramic caliper pistons, but that's not all that set XTR braking performance apart from the rest. The new XTR Race M9000 brakes also feature a newly redesigned carbon lever for improved ergonomics and insulated pistons to shed performance-sapping heat, allowing the XTR M9000 brakes to maintain cool, quiet performance under extreme braking. Shimano XTR Race M9000 Brake The new XTR Race M9000 lever sports an all-new ergonomic design, allowing riders to precisely control 25 percent more power with highly-adjustable and responsive one-finger braking. Magnesium Caliper and Master Cylinder Newly redesigned carbon lever for improved ergonomics Tooled reach-adjust for further weight savings Hinge-clamp mounting bracket High-power hydro hose for uncompromising performance Combine with I-spec II bracket for shifter to reduce handlebar clutter G02A Pads come stock, a Resin pad compound with aluminum backing plate Features Uses Shimano Mineral Oil for low environmental impact and easy handling. Compatible with finned brake pads for extra head dissipation. Pre-bled unit Includes lever, caliper, and hose, with extra compression fittings for hose shortening 74mm Post mount calipers Weight: 182g/wheel avg Sold per side. | Shimano XTR BR-M9000 Race Disc Brake Front Brake Kit, Pre Bled

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