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Shimano XT FC-M8000 Double Chainring For optimal performance from your M8000 crankset, use only authentic Shimano chainrings. Shimano's new M8000 3D composite chainrings are precisely engineered for specific 2x11 chainwheel load, improving chain retention, shifting and prolonging the life of the chainring making Shimano chainrings the superior choice for all conditions. Choose the correct chainrings for your application. Shimano chainrings are engineered to work as a pairin a specific gear combination, as noted on the list of sizes we have available. If you are replacing an inner ring, be sure to use the same size to ensure proper shifting. Features Enhanced Chain Retention Rhythm Step Gear Ratios are carefully designed for optimal power and efficiency Improved Shifting Longer Lasting Compatible with XT M8000 Crankset (if you are converting from a single ring to double rings, new, shorterchainring bolts are required.) B.C.D. 96/64mm Chainring Sizes: 38-28T, 36-26T, 34-24T | Shimano XT Fc-M8000 Double Chainring 24T, for 34-24T

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