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When your ride has you asking for more stopping power, you can increase the size of your brake rotors all you want, but before you max out your ride with a series of brake adapters bolted to each other, we suggest reaching for a burlier caliper that's built to handle hard charging steep sections that barrel into tight switchbacks, calling for better modulation, and more power. Shimano's XT brakes have long been coveted for their ability to perform, and the newest XT BR-M8120 Disc Brake Calipers deliver once again. You'll see the same 4-piston design for intensely strong stopping power and its improved heat dissipation over the 2-piston model, and integrated master cylinder, but with the addition of an extra 10% stopping power over the 8000-series brakes, and reduced rotor noise. These calipers come as the caliper set alone, but are built to pair up to the new 8100-series clamps that feature a narrow clamp that makes for a tidier cockpit to play well with remote lockouts and dropper posts, plus its compatible with the new I-SPEC EV design to save you more space on the bars. The calipers continue to carry technology we saw in previous XT brakes, like Shimano's reworked pivot location that we saw in the 8000 brakes, which offers improved modulation when you brake. The superior modulation is due in part to the Servo Wave technology that adjusts the piston's travel relative to lever travel. As you squeeze the levers, the gap to the rotor quickly closes, then slows to permit predictable modulation. This allows the pads to sit further inbound relative to the rotors so they are less likely to drag. The 4 ceramic pistons push Radiator Pads with integrated fins that dissipate heat and reduce fade on long descents full of trail features. An adjustable banjo fitting allows for easy hose management and the routing of various frame designs. The caliper assembly is sold as a front or rear unit and comes ready to install. Brake levers, rotors and adapters are sold separately a...

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