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When it comes to toeing the nice on race day at the XC track, there are a few critical things that benefit you and where you'll end up in the standings. They include, but aren't limited to, how you fueled yourself for the day, how hydrated you are, how dialed your bike setup is, how well your kit fits, and how light your bike scales in. While the Shimano XT BR-M8100 Disc Brake Caliper won't help too much with dialing in your kit's fit, they certainly are an ideal partner for shedding weight, and offering reliable stopping power you can trust when a surprise switchback creeps up on you. While a lot of the composition of the brake stays true to its predecessor, the 8000-series brake, like its two-piston design, integrated master cylinder, and clean black aesthetic, it offers improved stopping power and response time for improved modulation and control when you need it most. The new XT 8100 calipers feature largely the same aesthetic as their predecessors, however they do feature a few significant changes designed to reduce noise, and improve piston retraction to allow for more deliberate modulation that provides stopping power when you need it, and releases quickly so you have punch down on the pedals without wasting a watt of power. As you squeeze on the brakes, the gap to the rotor quickly closes, then slows to permit predictable modulation. This allows the pads to sit further from the rotors at rest for less chance of drag. The calipers house a 22mm ceramic piston for inspiring stopping power, and Shimano uses a banjo fitting for the hose attachment at the caliper. The calipers also employ Shimano's Radiator Pads that have integrated fins in order to dissipate heat and to reduce fade on long, hot descents. The Shimano XT BL-M8100 Hydraulic Disc Brake has hinged, split clamps for easy mounting. It comes as a caliper/hose assembly, but does not include brake levers or the rotors of your choice(sold separately). Shimano XT Brakes will work equally well with XT Ic...

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