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Shimano XT brakes are a tried and true braking system that's been a favorite among riders for many years. Going along with the release of the XT 12-speed group, the new XT BL-M8100 Brake Lever has been redesigned using inspiration from the XTR 9100 series. Rider's will enjoy refined ergonomics with a taller and flatter lever blade, quicker brake engagement with a shorter free stroke, and a re-positioned clamp that creates an additional point of contact with the bar and lever, all of which allow you to test the limits with greater confidence and control. And along with this improved bracing angle, its new mounting design pairs up with I-Spec EV to save you space in the cockpit, so you've got plenty of room for dropper posts, remote lockouts, and accessories. The new XT 8100 brake lever packs in 10% more stiffness than the 8000-series, even under high temperature, this translates to quicker brake engagement, while the new mounting position makes for shorter free stroke. Its new mounting position moves the clamp more inboard, which allows for the extra contact point between the bar and lever. What this translates to is a drastic increase in efficiency and control over the bike, without limiting brake engagement. Additionally, the lever stays the same over all of the 8100-series brakes regardless of whether you choose the 2-piston or 4-piston calipers, so you can maintain identical cockpit comfort from your rowdy enduro whip to your cross-country race machine. Servo Wave technology comes into play here in order to adjust piston travel relative to lever travel. As you squeeze on the brakes, the gap to the rotor quickly closes, then slows to permit predictable modulation. This allows the pads to sit further from the rotors at rest for less chance of drag. Please note that the levers are sold individually as a left and right brake, so you will need to buy both for a complete set. Calipers are sold separately.

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