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Hydraulic disc brakes have been quite the revelation incycling over recent years. First proven in the mountain bike world, the power,modulation, and all-weather performance all proved its superiority over rimbrakes and now they are ubiquitous on almost all off-road bikes. Next came'cross, a sport notorious for turning laps in the muck. The Euro pros were thelast holdout, but even they couldn't ignore the performance benefits andsuccumbed to disc, breaking tradition. Now slowing down during CX races is consistentand pads last the entirety of the race even if you are without a pit crew and aB bike. Now we're witnessing a shifting tide in the road market, with the addedbenefit of moving rim calipers down to the chainstay and fork leg opens upspaces allowing frame designers the freedom for more tire clearance and widerrims. Big component brands are on board supplying several options and theperineal favorite from a performance to dollar standpoint is Shimano's Ultegragroup, with its latest refinements making it a real winner. So if you're movingyour 11-speed Shimano road group over to a disc frameset or you're looking ateach individual component on a build from the ground up, we strongly urge youto have a gander at Shimano's Ultegra ST-R8020 STI Shifter Set. This shifter/brake lever set comes ready to install andaccommodates all Shimano 11-speed drivetrains, so if you already own perfectlygood mechanical derailleurs and brake calipers, you're almost there. If youneed calipers, post-mount versions and flat-mounts are available depending onhow the calipers attach to your 'cross, gravel, and road framesets, so buyaccordingly along with the necessary hose kit and fittings. Shimano alsoincludes its dialed OT-SP41 housing, low-friction polymer shift cables, and allof the small parts like housing ends, crimps, etc. that's so smooth and crispat shifting, it'll have you questioning the benefits of electronic groups. As good as the RS685 mechanical shi...

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