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Upgrade your current groupset to the high-performing Ultegra R8170 12-Speed Di2 Groupset, where electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems work together to create a smooth, efficient ride. Shifting is quicker and easier than ever before with Di2 wireless shifting, featuring a slightly longer curved hood that you to comfortably reach your shift buttons. Both the front and rear derailleurs connect to an internal main battery to maintain stable voltage, increasing shift speed to allow for an even faster ride. Also featured in the Ultegra R8170 Groupset is a hydraulic disc brake system that allows for quiet and controlled braking at any speed, with the added benefit of easy maintenance between rides. This groupset includes the Ultegra Di2 left and right shift levers, Ultegra Di2 front and rear derailleur, a 900mm and 1200mm e-tube wire, as well as a chain, battery, and the battery charger.

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