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We know, accidents can happen. Whether you forgot to take your bike off the roof rack before driving into your garage, or an overly enthusiastic junior hacks your front wheel in a crit and you need to replace or upgrade the electronic shifting and hydraulic disc brakes on your Shimano equipped road bike, this Ultegra Di2 ST-R8070 Shifter Set is for you. Restore your digital shifting and hydraulic braking to its heyday and enjoy precise, powerful, and reliable shifting and braking that doesn't require constant adjustments. It really only gives up a slight weight penalty to Dura-Ace through the use of less exotic materials and borrows heavily from its top-tier Dura-Ace group's design and engineering.Using electronic shifters has another benefit when paired with hydro brakes, it takes up much less space than mechanical bits so the hoods are much more compact and lower profile and that's where we spend most of our time riding. The new rubber compound and tread used on the hoods is also designed to reduce vibration and improve grip, with or without gloves, refusing to allow hands to slip while climbing out of the saddle or on rainy rides. The screw reach adjustment easily places the brake levers just where you need them for comfort and maximum control.The shift buttons are now easier to reach from the hoods and in the drops and have a more positive click and are more distinguishable between upshift and downshift than previous versions. What we love most about Di2 is that shifting feels akin to clicking a mouse, only requiring about 2mm of movement. This requires much less focus and effort, especially for front shifting, so you can concentrate on riding and responding to attacks and not on executing the perfect shift. Both remote sprinter and climbing satellite shifters are available separately that plug into these shifters, allowing for further customization.The Ultegra Di2 STI dual control levers are compatible with Shimano E-Tube components and accessories includ...

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