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Shimano redesigned its entire SLX drivetrain for 2016, bestowing a host of trickle down technology from XT and XTR onto the workhorse groupset. Where SLX was reliable before, its exceptionally so now, with improved functionality and stunning aesthetics from cranksets to trigger shifters. The SLX FD-M7020-L 2x11 Front Derailleur is no exception, and it demonstrates Shimano's faith that the front derailleur deserves a place on modern mountain bike frames. One of the most significant pieces of trickle-down technology SLX received was its side swing design, which helps give it integrate far better with the stubbier chainstays and wider tires that classify modern enduro sleds and trail bikes. That means you won't feel like you're putting an outdated component on a brand new frame, and it gives the groupset longevity to match its already admirable dependability. Dependability is no surprise from Shimano, and the brand also worked to make the FD-M7020 shift cleaner and more smoothly than its SLX predecessors. As you move from small to big ring and back again, the derailleur ensures you have a consistent, predictable ride when the terrain is anything but that.

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