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All too often, tri-specific cycling shoes sacrifice comfort for pedaling efficiency, subjecting your feet to a torturous fit in favor of maximum speed. Eliminating compromise from the equation, the Shimano SH-WT60 Women's Shoes harmoniously merge go-fast functionality with maximum comfort and breathability, ensuring your feet are happy, and in turn, ready to push limits on your bike. Facilitating quick transitions and easy on-bike adjustments, the SH-WT60's oversized Shimano T1 "burrito-style" strap effectively tightens the shoe with one quick, easy adjustment. The Rovenica synthetic leather upper strikes an ideal balance between a well-bolstered fit and breathability, especially considering its 3D moisture control mesh inserts. Balancing power transfer and comfort, the shoe's carbon composite sole is sufficiently rigid to maximize energy expended to the pedals, without being unrelentingly stiff or unforgiving. Combined with Shimano's women's-specific Dynalast, the shoe gives you not only a great fit, but more importantly, variable stiffness to ensure calculated levels of flex that accommodates arch movement. Overall, this creates a shoe that's stiff where you want it and flexible where you need it, ensuring you're ready for the run stage immediately following.

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