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We're not one to shy away from spreadsheets when sifting through product choices, but color coding and comparing all the cycling shoe options out there would be an undertaking even the most organized of us would dread. Shimano eliminates the need for data tables and takes the stress out of the decision with its SH-RP2 Men's Cycling Shoe. Delivering a simple yet effective design, the SH-RP2 won't leave you digging coins out of the couch cushions to cover the purchase price and will get you comfortably out on the road.The SH-RP2's sole is compatible with both two- and three-bolt cleats, opening up pedal options and allowing a smooth transition between spin class SPD pedals and the open road. The ventilated upper keeps air moving over your toes, while the fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole dutifully works to resist flexion and transfer power efficiently to the pedals. You'll also appreciate the three hook-and-loop straps across the top of the SH-RP2, which facilitate a secure, easily adjustable fit without any painful pressure points.

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