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Featuring the ultimate in DH-specific design, the SL-M820 Saint 10spd shifter is the backbone of your drivetrain! The DH-specific design includes longer levers with textured paddles running on dual sealed bearings that contribute to an easier and smoother shift. Shimano designed this shifter using technology borrowed from the development of XTR, but tailored to the unique needs of DH World Cup racing. Built with a weatherproof design that shrugs off grime and wet conditions, it's incredibly survivable, tough and built to last. The Saint shifter delivers solid, lightning-fast, reliable shifts that you can trust when you're putting down the power. Compatible with Shimano Dyna-Sys 10 speed drivetrains Long, textured levers for ultimate grip and easier shifting effort Low friction, multi bearing design DH race proven antiskid technology Vivid Index for best shift tactile feedback Instant Release (gear release shifts into gear immediately after pressing the trigger instead of shifting after releasing the trigger) Multi-Release (upshift into one or two harder gears at a time with thumb trigger press, single release on index finger pull) Polymer-coated cable for longer-lasting, smoother action at the lever and more accurate shifts Weight: 123g (approx.) | Shimano Saint SL-M820 10SP Shifter Black, Right Only

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