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Nothing quite kills the enjoyment of a cold weather ride like freezing digits which is why we're on a seemingly endless search for the perfect cool weather glove. Insulation is just as important as dexterity which is why we think our search might just stop at the S-Phyre Winter Glove from Shimano. As part of its highly refined S-Phyre line, its designed to excel in competition and remain comfortable on the longest rides. Shimano's goal for its clothing and accessories is to help the rider's temperature maintain at 37-degrees centigrade or 98. 6-degrees Fahrenheit. This core temperature is deemed as the ideal temperature for optimal performance and to achieve this, Shimano insists on managing moisture, blocking wind and water, and offering ventilation. By using high-tech materials in key locations, Shimano is able to protect, vent, and insulate, varying with the conditions, to keep the rider comfortable. This feat is even more impressive when you consider that your hands are at the leading edge of the bike and subject to constant wind and chill as well as a critical touch point that must absorb road shock and vibrations. Losing all-important dexterity, be it through numb fingers or bulky gloves, leads to compromised braking and overall discomfort. To better shape the glove to your hand, Shimano uses its Advanced 3D shape that consists of a specially configured thumb section designed to minimize wrinkles when you grip your handlebars. This conforms better to the natural curve of the hand and requires less fabric, eliminating bunching for a more secure grip and a form-fit. Keeping the hands nice and toasty is the brushed inner layer while its windproof membrane significantly reduces the heat-sapping effects of wind-chill. Thoughtful external details include reflecting details helping to improve visibility in low-light, a soft, absorbent terry cloth for drying up a runny nose and conductive fabric on index and thumb for touchscreen devices.

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