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Climbing can be brutally hard, but if you have to fight slow shifting as well as gravity, friction, and fatigue? Forget about it. Shimano's Di2 SW-R600 Remote Climbing Shifter makes getting through you electronic gears a breeze, though, with a design that zip-ties onto your handlebars for easy access when you're cranking up your favorite (or most hated) climbs. With this unique setup, you'll be able to shift without moving your hands up to the hoods, which can be slow, sketchy, and uncomfortable, and you'll also be able to count on the killer precision of an electronic drivetrain. The cable is hard-wired into the remote for easy installation, and the SW-R600 is compatible with Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6770, and Ultegra 6870 groupsets.

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