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The performance of Shimano's 105 group is perhaps the closest it's ever been to its higher-tiered Ultegra and Dura-Ace components. Helping the group keep up with those two comes the 105 ST-R7025 STI Shifter Set, which offers the excellent power and modulation of hydraulic disc brakes while providing better ergonomics for riders with smaller hands. Always a workhorse in the lineup, these 105 shift levers match the slim profile of Shimano's range-topping components with plenty of trickledown technology present in its flat mount calipers. It's strongly recommended to pair these calipers with Shimano's Ice Technology rotors (sold separately) for maximum safety and performance. The R7025 shifters benefit from a redesigned internal shift unit for a slimmer, more ergonomically pleasing hood that more closely matches DA and Ultegra. When cabled up to the rest of the R7000 group, we'll attest to crisp, precise, smooth, and light shifting, especially while under a load, think during race conditions and fast group rides. These R7025 levers differ from the R7020 levers as the lever reach starts 4mm closer to the bars allowing riders with smaller hands the ability to comfortably and securely reach the lever blades while braking without resorting to rotating their hands forward. They still receive 15mm of reach adjustment to dial in the fit for more control. These levers ship with the excellent Optislick cables and housing and the brakes come pre-bled.

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