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In the world of backcountry skiing, avalanches are always a risk, but with Scott's Patrol E1 40 Backpack Kit you can add an extra level of safety in case the worst happens. Featuring Scott's new turbo fan system, the Patrol E1 is lightweight, convenient, and ready for the mountains. The Patrol E1 uses a turbo radial fan in conjunction with supercapacitors to deliver quick-inflating power that you can easily recharge on the mountain. Not only does it eliminate the need for irksome air canisters, you're free to practice with the airbag as much as you please, reducing user error when the time comes to deploy it for real. And with a travel-friendly deployment system, you're free to fly to your wildest ski destinations without the hassle of searching for an air canister once you land. This Alpride system is extremely light at under 3 pounds, can be recharged in 40 minutes using 2 batteries, or in 20 minutes if you take advantage of the micro USB charging port. The E1 40 is the largest in Scott's Patrol lineup, with plenty of space inside the main compartment for guiding or hut to hut trips. It features a fixation point for your helmet, gear loops for ice axes or trekking poles, and more than one way to carry your intended ride down. Inside of the rescue tool compartment, not only will you find room for probe and shovel, you'll also find handy SOS instructions that can help in the event of a backcountry emergency. With one life to live, it never hurts to play it safe.

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