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SCOTT WOMEN'S KOKO SKI POLESThe Koko poles are great for those getting into skiing or those who don't care for high end poles. Made with an S2 Aluminum shaft constructed in the same "swage" found in more expensive poles. The swaged shafts from Scott are specially dual tapered for better aerodynamics, swing weight and overall strength. The S2 aluminum results in a pole with an economic price to quality ratio. The Kokos won't be the lightest poles on the market but will take on all the abuse that you throw at them. The Kokos come with P-Lite Grips which are in an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and built with quality materials for durability. The strap is simple and comfortable. Even though the strap is nothing special, it will not give you trouble when adjusting as it is made with an over-molded buckle. The poles come with 3.6 baskets which are great for most conditions inbound. The 3.6 baskets are 60 millimeters in diameter and were designed with aerodynamics and durability in mind. At the very bottom of the poles are Cone Tips which are made out of hardened steel in a traditional spherical indent shape for great performance wherever you find yourself in the resort. These poles are great for everyday skiing.FEATURESAluminum Alloy Shaft16mm Shaft DiameterDurable steel cone tipP-Lite GripTECH SPECS16mm Shaft DiameterFX24 Female Strap3.6 Basket

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