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Scott Archery has won more medals then any other release company on the market! If they are good enough to compete in competitions and land you on the podium then you bet your tail end that they will shoot great for your set-up this season. The Scott Anchor Back Tension Release is new for 2015 and it's biggest overall feature is being made completely out of Stainless Steel, this makes it the heaviest release that Scott has developed to date. Having that weight will help those who have fought with getting the clicker to go off by having a more solid weight to pull with the help of gravity working on their side.Having a heavy back tension will help improve your grouping substantially in both the 3D and hunting scenarios and rolls over so smooth with all of that weight that it also allows you to set a slower trigger and focus your body and mind to pull more through the release instead of setting it so light so you can make sure it sets off. The Anchor also features a removable finger post which can be changed out for different 2-Finger, 3-Finger and 4-Finger configurations. With its weighted design the closed position full radius index finger handle optimizes hand position while a tapered silhouette delivers an extremely comfortable and accurate handle for consistent pull through.Combining the attributes from some of our best-selling hinge releases the new SCOTT Anchor(TM) maximizes enhanced geometry and heavy weight stainless steel to achieve X crushing control!

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