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If you're looking to travel with or on your bike, we understand that space is a premium and you can't always pack everything you'd like. That's why the Transalp 2. 0 Backpack & Panniers from SciCon is an excellent solution if you're commuting, bikepacking, or on vacation. This pack easily transforms allowing you to have a backpack when you need it off the bike and a set of panniers for on the bike. The Transalp doesn't sacrifice comfort once it's on your back. The double side compression and stabilization straps offer a customized fit that isn't a burden to carry after you lock up your bike and walk away. The pack itself features 4 external pockets and two separate compartments that are ideal for stashing wet clothes. It also has external straps that make getting to essentials such as a rain shell or a hat quick and easy. Speaking of rain, the pack comes with a rain protection cover to keep items inside a little drier. Finally, reflective bands help to increase your visibility if you're out before sunrise or after sunset.

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