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The Bento box. That phrase that puts shivers in the hearts of roadies everywhere but is essential to the long distance triathlete. Sure, you can "glue" your energy bars to your top tube, but isn't eating clean, dry food just a bit more appetizing' SciCon's Fuel Bag is the perfect size to hold snacks for the road. SciCon's Fuel Frame bag was sewn from heavy Cordura fabric for durability. While there are several bento designs on the market, what sets the SciCon apart is that the main compartment is closed with a zipper. This prevents your precious fuel from falling out if you hit an unseen pothole or rough patch in the road. Large pull tabs make it simple to open and close on-the-go. The Fuel Frame bag secures to your top tube with two elastic hook and loop straps and well as a single strap that extends around the head tube. It holds 630 cubic centimeters of tasty treats.The SciCon Fuel Frame Bag, like the original Model T, comes in one size and in the color Black.

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