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When the only thing that matters is getting down the mountain fast we use the world-proven Santa Cruz V10 Carbon CC MX X01 Mountain Bike. The V10 hits hard where it counts and has us doing park laps in our dreams when we're not actively hitting dirt. Built with downhill rated parts where needed and a carbon CC frame the V10 survives season after season of downhill abuse. The V10 uses Santa Cruz's VPP suspension linkage that's seen up the entire line-up, offering a predictable feel that's ever more important in high-speed situations. With a world cup winning pedigree the Santa Cruz V10 holds its own in the geometry department to get us quickly and comfortably down the hill. The bike comes equipped with a 27. 5in rear-wheel and 29in front wheel. The mixed wheel size helps us get over obstacles quickly while whipping around the back end in technical situations. With a slacked-out 63. 2-degree headtube angle we quickly can escape our comfort zone and find new ones aboard the bike. The mixed-wheel size bike comes in a medium and large frame that offers a 1252mm and 1279mm wheelbase respectively. Spec on the Santa Cruz V10 is almost simple, until we realize the bike is made to huck off 50ft drops while supporting a 200lb rider without skipping a beat. Burly components are built to ensure this bike handles every season of riding with downhill-specific drivetrain, braking, and suspension components. The massive 215mm of rearward travel is supported by a Fox Coil shock while a Fox 40 provides 203mm of front travel. With as much travel as the front rotor is big, it's no surprise the V10 is piloted by the worlds best season-after-season.

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