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The mountain bike world caught a glimpse of the V10 29er's not-so-humble beginnings at the 2017 World Cup Downhill season opener in Lourdes, when the Santa Cruz Syndicate team put together an impressive trio of qualifying runs on the prototype bike. With Vergier qualifying 1st, Shaw in 3rd, and Minnr in 6th, all eyes were on this big-wheeled controversy machine. Five weeks later at Ft. William, Minnr piloted the bike straight to the top step of the podium, his seventh victory on the infamously fast and rugged track. At that point, the arms race was on. The V10 with 29-inch wheels had proven itself at the most elite level of downhill racing, and other manufacturers started scrambling to develop their own big-wheeled race machines for their World Cup riders. In the meantime, Santa Cruz spent the next two race seasons working with the Syndicate Team to meticulously perfect the V10, ensuring that it not only met the needs of their racers, but also that it was ready for full-scale production. Now, the V10 Carbon 29 X01 Mountain Bike is finally available, a speedy machine for the up-and-coming racers and hardcore gravity fanatics among us, making it apparent that the most successful bike in downhill history shows no signs of slowing down. While the V10 Carbon 29 is a completely new bike from the ground up, it continues the Santa Cruz tradition of bombproof carbon frames with superior stiffness and ride quality. In addition to faster-rolling 29in wheels, the new bike features a longer reach and fully modern downhill geometry, along with two different geometry adjustment points. A flip-chip in the lower shock link changes between High and Low geometry positions, offering up either a 63. 7 or 63. 3-degree head angle, and a 14in or 13. 8in bottom bracket height, respectively. Another flip chip in the rear axle alters the chainstay length by 10mm, giving you the option to lengthen the chainstays and wheelbase for added high-speed stability, or to optimize front/rear ba...

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