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As we watch enduro bikes slide further and further into slacker, longer, lower, mini-DH sleds with more and more travel, Santa Cruz's willingness to let the Tallboy 29 Carbon CC XTR Reserve Complete Mountain Bike exist as the ideal XC/trail machine is refreshing. The combination of a consistent pedaling platform and the aggression and fast rolling afforded by 29-inch wheels lets the Tallboy make enduro rigs look a bit sluggish on climbs. While that surprisingly capable Virtual Pivot Point suspension platform pulls all-mountain capabilities out of a 4. 3-inch rear end, meaning you don't have to wait in a chairlift line or for the shuttle to let the fun begin again. For cyclists who insist on being the engine both up and down, the Tallboy and it's all new Shimano XTR 9100 1x drivetrain are the only lift pass needed. Unlike many of its other frames in the lineup, Santa Cruz hasn't fiddled with the Tallboy's geometry for a few seasons, as it has received universal praise. Instead, the California-based manufacturer looked at ways to shave weight and improve stiffness. As such, the resulting frame is a good bit lighter than some comparable designs on the market. These gains are owed primarily to Santa Cruz's inimitable Carbon CC frame construction, which features a higher modulus carbon than the Carbon C model, so less material is required to hit the same strength and stiffness numbers. The chassis is lighter, so fewer watts are required to propel it, and the increased stiffness means those watts are transferred more efficiently. The frame's two carbon triangles are built as whole pieces rather than glued together from disparate bits. This saves weight and increases structural integrity by allowing Santa Cruz to wrap carbon continuously through and around key junctures, eliminating the artificial stress points that result from bonded construction methods while saving weight by requiring less material. Finally, the carbon is also compacted from the inside and the outs...

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