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With the launch of Santa Cruz's Hightower LT back in 2017, we thought we had hit the jackpot for long-travel 29ers. It offered us more travel, but with quick responsiveness that felt akin to its predecessor -- which shouldn't strike us as a surprise, as it shared the same front triangle as the Hightower, but with some new rear linkage and a beefier fork -- but we still felt like it didn't quite tick all of the boxes. That's not to say that it isn't a great bike, but if you follow current trends in mountain bike geometry you'll know well that the slacker seat tube angle and taller bottom bracket that the LT offered go against the trends. It doesn't come as a surprise to us that this whole time designers at Santa Cruz have been plugging away at the new Megatower Carbon CC XX1 Eagle Air Reserve Complete Bike, built with deliberate intentions of offering near endless travel, quick rolling hoops, and versatility that challenges the sum of its numbers.When it comes to filling an appetite for enduro, it doesn't surprise us that Santa Cruz has been cooking up a heavy-hitting 29er to add to their arsenal. Big wheels simply carry more speed in almost every riding situation, and with the modern geometry of today, these bikes are free to exploit their high-speed stability through chundery sections lined with old growth pines. Combined with the agile, nimble, and comfortable-in-the-air feel that you covet, you'll find the recipe for an ideal endo race bike. This happens to be right where the Megatower lands, with some of the longest reach numbers, steepest seat tube angles, and longest wheelbases you'll find from the firm's headquarters, this trusty steed is one progressive 29er that begs to be let loose for berm blasting at warp speed.We may just be speculating, but it seemed to us that the LT was a quick fix to get Santa Cruz's riders competitive in the enduro races, so it's natural that its followed by a beast of a bike that started its life as an enduro weapon from the gr...

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