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Whether we're lined up at the starting gate of our regional enduro series or dropping in on the steepest trail at the bike park, we know we're in good shape with the Santa Cruz Megatower. This second-generation Megatower comes with the benefits of increased suspension travel, updated geometry, and sensible frame refinements that make things easier for the rider. Our favorite feature is definitely the Glovebox integrated frame storage, which lets us stow tools, a tube, and even some snacks in a convenient compartment in the down tube. In-frame storage is not a new concept in mountain biking, but Santa Cruz does it right with a spring-loaded latch that keeps things secure and simple. Compared to the first generation Megatower, version two increases the travel to 165mm in the rear paired with a 170mm fork. The head tube angle is over a degree slacker in both the high and low flip-chip settings, and the bike has a longer front-center and longer chainstays. This puts the Megatower V2 right at the forefront of modern enduro race bikes, ideal for plowing through absolute carnage at wide-open race speeds. That being said, Santa Cruz steepened the seat tube angle significantly, giving us a more comfortable pedaling position for knocking out the tough climbs that often precede our favorite downhill trails. And for those who are wondering whether they should buy a Nomad or a Megatower, the best answer we can give is that the Megatower is more speed-oriented with its 29-inch wheels, whereas the Nomad is freeride-focused with 27. 5-inch wheels that respond quickly to rider input and make it a tad easier to maneuver the bike. *Due to unprecedented demand in the global supply chain and the bike industry over the last 18 months, material weight and exact components are subject to change. We are working diligently to keep tech specs updated, and any adjustments will be minor. If you have any questions, reach out to a Gearhead by chatting online or calling 1-888-276-7130.

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