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Sure, we'd all love to have endless garage real estate packed with a steed for just about every ride, but the truth of it is that when we saddle up on bikes like Santa Cruz's new Hightower Carbon CC XTR Reserve Complete Mountain Bike, we're reminded that simplicity isn't so bad either. Simplifying the quiver to a bike that's more than capable of hanging with the big bikes, and powering up punchy climbs with short-travel compadres, the redesigned Hightower aims to streamline your wants and needs into one bike that can handle it all, and do it well. The new generation of Hightower tosses old geometry by the wayside, blowing beyond previous iterations of the Hightower and Hightower LT, and finding a nice spot to hang out just between the Tallboy and the Megatower. It packs in all-new geometry, and stretches further than even the LT before it, plus new lower linkage that lends queues to the Nomad for total downhill stability, while a flip-chip ads flexibility for pedal-heavy days. The result is a powerful trail bike that's capable of holding its own in the rough and rowdy, and racing back up to the top to get another lap of hits. Throughout Santa Cruz's lineup, the Hightower has long been known as a do-it-all trail bike, capable of backcountry endurance adventures in the Santa Cruz mountains, and fast laps at your local trail network when you need to hammer out as many post-workday miles as possible. It remains as that, but as a more capable bike than before, stretching its reach out a 20mm (on sizes small through large), offering more room in the cockpit to play with, while a more relaxed head tube elevates confidence on the descent. The new head tube angle sits a full 1. 5-degrees slacker than the previous Hightower in High mode, and 1. 8-degrees slacker in low, stretching things out to power over bigger rocks and chunder than ever before. And while this stretched out cockpit can come at the cost of pedal efficiency, Santa Cruz designers mitigate sluggish climbing...

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