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Self-powered bikes are great, but there's nothing like that boost when we're trudging up arduous climbs to get that extra-special victory lap. The latest generation of Santa Cruz's Heckler MX Carbon S e-Bike delivers the best of both worlds with an extra kick, plus all the maneuverability and handling we want in a mountain bike. This Heckler is complete with features like a larger interchangeable battery, a Carbon C frame, and legendary VPP suspension that has been tuned precisely for ebike use. Santa Cruz claims that the Heckler's 720Wh interchangeable battery allows riders to expand their trail map, and we agree. This power lets us access trails we wouldn't normally be able to reach. Plus, we can pack more riding into our trail sessions than we could without this longer range. The 720Wh battery hits the sweet spot, balancing greater weight (obviously more battery means a heavier setup) with more range and power. We can go further, faster, and with more confidence. This Heckler's Carbon C frame faces a tradeoff. It costs slightly less, but weighs slightly more than Santa Cruz's Carbon CC frame. Both options, however, are almost equally strong and stiff, and feature a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Since this is a mixed wheel version of the Heckler with 29-inch wheels up front and 27. 5-inch in the rear, we're seeing quicker steering and superb traction, making it easier to find what works best for us. It should be noted that the small frame comes with 27. 5-inch wheels. Made to last many lifetimes of trail riding, VPP suspension features the versatility we need to face the tough stuff with confidence. The two stout links create a resilient bike that can handle whatever we throw at it and then some. Santa Cruz has been utilizing this kind of suspension since 2001, and it has been shown to provide high performance and versatility so we can have the best full-suspension bike possible. *Due to unprecedented demand in the global supply chain and the bike...

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