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Call it freeride with a motor, call it E-Enduro, all we know is the Santa Cruz Bullit gets us to the top of the mountain faster than ever and absolutely eats up terrain on the way back down. So for those who want to maximize their time spent going down, the Bullit is certainly up to the task and comes with the legendary quality and refined details that come along with owning a lifetime-guaranteed Santa Cruz bike. Additionally, this range-topping model comes with XO1 AXS wireless shifting, top-of-the-line FOX and RockShox suspension, and Reserve carbon wheels--a build kit that leaves nothing to be desired or upgraded. To descend like a demon the Bullit's geometry has been modernized to be as progressive as possible, giving us confidence and traction when the trail points downwards. A slacked-out 64 head-tube angle tempts us to point down the steepest terrain we can find. A modern and steep 77. 1 seat-tube angle keeps us in the saddle and comfortable while we're powering down through climbs. Since we reckon we're going to be doing a lot more laps on the Bullit than our traditional bikes, a steep seat and is very appreciated. A large frame has an impressive 475mm of reach, putting it right in line with the Santa Cruz range and leaving plenty of space for us to move around in the cockpit. It's impossible to have a more thought-out spec than what we're seeing on this X01 edition of the Bullit. Built with Reserve Carbon hoops, these wheels keep the weight down so our batteries last longer, and they've been tested to extreme lengths to ensure durability. The X01 drivetrain is enduro specific, fitting stronger carbon and alloy materials where needed, and stripping it everywhere else to cut weight. Shimano outfits the STEPS EP8 motor on the Bullit and pairs that with its largest 630wh battery. The STEPS EP8 is tuned to give us max climbing power in trail mode, getting us over the steepest of chutes and terrain. The frame is built up with Santa Cruz's highest-end and ...

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