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It's no surprise really how popular the 5010 bike is in Santa Cruz's lineup. After all, a refined mid travel suspension platform and 650b wheels is a recipe for a good time. Now in its third generation, the firm's made some subtle updates along the way that magically makes it more of an all-mountain assassin while at the same time, one of the better pedaling and climbing trail bikes out there. These latest updates see Santa Cruz pushing the 5010 27. 5 R Complete Mountain Bike into the slacker and longer reaches of the geometry spectrum for better composure at higher speeds on rougher trails while ensuring that it retained its responsive handling and pedaling efficiency. Bottom line, this is a bike that's right at home on all-day epics while not giving up too much to all-out enduro bikes when the terrain gets rough. This is the slackest 5010 yet receiving a 66. 5-degree head tube angle in its high setting and a gravity-friendly 66. 2-degree head tube angle in the lowest setting. The addition of a flip-chip makes this all possible, meaning you'll have the ability to adapt the bike's geometry for different terrain and riding styles, whether you're seeking a bit more balanced feel with greater efficiency and climbing competency or you'd like it to flat out rip on steep descents with imposing rocks and roots standing in your path, you can choose, even mid-ride if you wish. Santa Cruz outfits this particular 5010 with 2. 3-inch tires, which deliver plenty of traction and grip while still rolling quickly. This width gets the power to the ground on the rockiest stretches of trail, without the tire squirming under hard braking and cornering like a wider, lower pressure tire would. However, Santa Cruz did engineer the 5010 to accommodate up to a 2. 8-inch tire if your riding style and local terrain call for it. Another major update to the design of the third generation 5010 lies in a slightly longer reach that's grown by 15 millimeters for a bit roomier feel in the cockp...

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