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Whether you're completing your first snowboard setup or just want something that throws down in the park and won't cost you a fortune, look no further than the Salomon Rhythm Snowboard Binding. Its softer flex and cushy feel become second nature when you're banking turns between trees and spinning through the jump line, and the cored-out Rhythm highback ensures lightweight flexibility for easier turn initiation and tweaked-out tricks. EVA footbed padding absorbs unruly vibrations for a smoother ride, with canting aligning to your natural riding stance, resulting in heightened control and decreased fatigue. 3D Supreme ankle straps eliminate pressure points from the riding equation, while Lock-In toe straps snugly wrap the tips of your boots without slipping out. So go ahead, let the Rhythm take you over as you cruise playfully down the mountain and dip into the park for party laps with friends.

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