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The elite athlete's choice for compact snow, the most common surface condition in racing, the Salomon S/Race Skate ski is ready for speed and performance on the track. Take it out for some speedy laps with friends or for top performance on your race days. Its 569 low riding, responsive camber is moved forward a bit for better acceleration and edge hold in the early part of the skate stride to propel you to the front of the pack while the stiff Nomex core with thin wood sidewalls provides you with consistency and a minimum weight so nothing can hold you back from your PR. Performance on universal, or compact snow, comes from the innovative G5 universal base. This World Cup performance base has a Zeolit additive to better absorb and retain wax. It's protected with a protective foil that has anti-scratch properties and is prewaxed and prebrushed so you can get going out on the track faster. It's also easy to select and use on the flex bench, just remove the foil and brush the ski so you can achieve the glide and performance that you are looking for. Finally, Salomon used their most precise stone grinding and digital measurement to ensure optimum structure for better performance out on the track so you can speed your way past your friends or your competition.

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