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Say Cheese! If you want to be picture-perfect in your little mouse costume, you can't go barefaced! No way. After all, what is a sweet little mouse without its adorable twitching nose and whiskers? No, if you plan to dress up as one of the three blind mice, or even a certain famous rat chef, you'll need this Mouse Makeup Kit to ensure you look perfect from ears to tail. So zip up your gray jumpsuit, straighten out your tail, and top your look with a furry set of ears-then make sure you apply your perfect mouse face paint for a photo-ready Halloween look. Product Details This kit includes gray, pink, and white makeup hues, along with a makeup stick and sponge/brush applicator. There are application instructions on the packaging, and the whole thing can wash off easily with soap and water, which is great if you think about it; because though it's fun to be a mouse for Halloween, you probably wouldn't want to go about your daily life dressed like one. You'd be chased everywhere! Rock n' Rodent This makeup is pretty cool, maybe you should make your band's new look into a group of hard rocking mice. We'd definitely come to see you play. You'd just want to get much smaller instruments!

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