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Going for the gold There are plenty of ways to accent a cool costume. But how do you make it a showstopper? While your clothes are important, of course, you can't forget the blank canvas that is your face. When you're putting together a clown costume, you wouldn't leave out the red nose and some bright mouth makeup. When you're dressing up as a skeleton one of the best parts of the costume can be the skull. So if you're dressing up as a pharaoh or a sarcophagus, you shouldn't forget your face! Product Details This creme makeup can be evenly applied over the skin with a sponge applicator. Want to make detailed lines? You can use an eyeshadow applicator to create lines. And when you're done with your costume, simply wash the makeup off with soap and water. Secrets of the Tomb Are you ready to become an icon of history? You'll feel like a timeless hero when you're wearing this golden makeup. This is also great makeup for golden accents when you're dressing up as a Greek goddess or magical fairy. Whether you are dressing up for Halloween or want to take your golden birthday outfit to a whole new level, eleven grams of gold creme makeup is sure to amp up your look!

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