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If you're decorating your home for Halloween, you may sometimes get the urge to pack as many spooky decorations in as possible. We totally get it (heck, we encourage it) but it can take some crafty thinking to get as much creepy decor into one place as possible without it just looking silly. That's when sneaking spooky adornments where your guests will least expect them comes in handy... So, how's the best way to clandestinely decorate your place? By sneaking in little things like this spidery Round Table Topper, for starters! Everyone expects your dining room or coffee table to be covered with something, but probably with a lacy or fancy cloth, which are definitely not scary. That will make it even more startling when they go to the table to grab a handful of treats, only to find it adorned with a creepy crawly spider web style mat! Trust us, if you can master scaring someone with a table topper, decorating the rest of your home should be a piece of cake!

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