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Buy It Now! | Rossignol Snowboards > Contrary to what your uncle says, making sushi is much more than plopping a scoop of canned tuna on some seaweed and calling it good. It's a discipline that requires precision, creativity, and tradition. If you're ready for a short board that melds a big mountain pedigree with ultra-quick maneuverability, belly up to the bar and order the chef's choice, the Rossignol XV Sushi LF White Label Snowboard. Made for slicing, dicing, and gee-this-feels-nice-ing, this is a board for deep days in tight Japanese trees. Directional Pow Fish Sublimated Sintered 7500 Limited Edition Early Release Only 50 boards produced! 2 x 4 Inserts Reverse Directional Flex Reverse Directional flex is stiff under the front foot for increased power and control then progressively softens through the waist and rear foot for confident stability and nimble maneuverability. | Rossignol XV Sushi LF White Label Snowboard 2020

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